Big Ship

The video for Big Ship was directed, edited and produced by Steve Graham, who has worked with The Eurythmics, Chris Rea and Rick Astley among others. He has recently produced a major documentary about Peter Green.

The filming took place at a beautiful country house, which gave Steve and his crew a fantastic backdrop and a range of unique settings to interpret the mood and ambience of the song.  

It was a hard day – 12 hours of solid shooting for 4 minutes of video – about the norm, I’m told!

I hope you like it as much as I do. Thanks Steve!




The Great Wide Open

The Great Wide Open is one of our favourite tracks on Plaques and Tangles. Dave·has recorded and produced this video which we hope reflects the simple but alien·otherliness at the heart of the song.





Take All She Brings

Shot in Sky's West London Studios and on location in Hastings, 'Take All She Brings' was part of the prize for winning 'Entertainer of the year' a sky- sponsored, pre-X-Factor talent show.

I was not the typical contestant -- no covers or impersonations but just me and a piano with the public and studio audience voting.The shoot was a unique and brilliant experience -- the Director and crew were interesting and engaged although we may have bemused some of the locals. Even then, nets were a big thing for me! .