Plaques and Tangles are the corrupted proteins found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s disease. Since working with sufferers of schizophrenia in my twenties, I have long had a heart for those with such diseases and in Kite, the heartsong of the album, I wanted to engage all our compassion and understanding.

The idea seemed apt in other ways…we all spend so much energy evolving versions of ourselves until the layers just get knotted and confused and it’s only when a crisis unravels us that we re-discover who we once were and stop attaching importance to the ephemeral.

In their different ways, the songs are calls to action- to be bold and true to all you love and have faith in.








The Songs

 Astrosurf ... restless seeking of the lonely Astronomer

 Big Ship…the vessels we build for the things we hold dear

 English Boy… When will he lift his head over these old walls and see the world outside?

 Warrior Queen…she fights for the lost, the failing, the land and all our futures

 The Great Wide Open…out in the stars looking back at you Earth

 Illuminating…one night of clarity and rescue

 Hellion…be pounding seas not islands

 The Beach…how many more of his dreams can she pedal?

 Kite…inside a waning mind reaching to be held onto

 All Over Again… my darlings be bolder than I 



The Lyrics

Download the lyrics to Plaques and Tangles (PDF)