About Lindsey Mackie

Lindsey Mackie is a singer and songwriter who co-produces with husband Dave in a musical collaboration that has lasted over 25 years. Their latest album, Plaques and Tangles, is a powerful collection that combines the artistry of Nina Simone, Patti  Smith’s lyricism, Bjork’s originality and Bowie’s ambition. 

Lindsey creates a distinctive world. Her deep ,rich vocals lead memorable songs that combine unusual, convincing stories with atmospheric and soulful orchestration. Dave’s innovative guitar and bold rhythms bring added edge and tension. 

From their early contributions to the “Welcome to Norwich – A Fine City” album that spawned The Higsons and Screen 3,  to their latest involvement in The Curator‘s “Sometime Soon” alongside Julianne Reagan(All about Eve), Judy Dyble( Fairport Convention), Mackie’s approach remains unconventional. 

An award-winning writer and performer, Lindsey is also the author of ASO , a futuristic thriller with an accompanying soundtrack published in 2008.



While studying at UEA in Norwich, Lindsey formed punk/pop outfit The Clynics with Simon Welander, Alan Mead and Ian Cann plus Neil Dyer and Tony Bird who both left the band and went on to form Screen 3 and Fez and The Fire Hydrant Men respectively. The band contributed two tracks to 'Welcome to Norwich - A Fine city'. Along with the Higsons, Capitalist Music and Screen 3 to mention a few. 

Married Dave Mackie, guitarist with Capitalist Music.

With Dave and Simon Welander formed Viva Gypsies later Rare. The music grew out of lots of eclectic listening – Remain in Light, Discipline, Japan to name a few. Si and Dave texturing guitars into fascinating jams and me layering chords, lyrics and structures. The result was an interesting and bold demo that caught Ensign Records’s attention for a while but ultimately not their commitment.

We enlarged the band to re-create the music live and after memorable showcase in our front room for top brass, almost flew with Polygram

After deciding to go solo I really started to learn the art of song writing. ‘Never Enough’ won the Sky sponsored 'Entertainer of the Year ‘ competition and the prize was the shooting of the ‘Take all she Brings’ video.

Sadly, John May my manager died and isn't life strange, but I became pregnant soon after, made two babies and wrote lots of new songs.

'Glory Hole' won the Adfam writing competition. It was published in the Guardian in 2002 and read by Martha Kearney at St Brides in December of the same year. Other short stories got some attention and one, Olim evolved into the novel ASO a thriller set in a Britain of 2050 where people live divided into age-related regions.. It’s accompanied by a suite of songs I wrote to illuminate the novel and the central character. ASO was published in November 2008 and launched with a live performance of the music written for the book to a home crowd in Gerrards Cross.

Plaques and Tangles Cover

We’ve kept on writing and recording music – no there isn’t a big machine behind us…. we're a cottage industry… can’t say its always been easy… but it has suited us… every note on our first album 'Plaques and Tangles'  is our own. Recently we have sought some trusted opinions…so may have to do some tweaking if we want to take the advice but hey…I still need the occasional long outros…you can hear this on All over again and Warrior Queen and I make no apologies – I love an ‘experience’ – harks back to my more ‘prog’ youth – I want to pull you in and not let you go ‘til you’ve changed a bit – have I succeeded ?